Compensation associated with my services are for my companionship and time. As two consenting adults, how we choose to spend our time together is entirely up to us, to be decided in the moment.

 Kindness and Respect are key to having a successful engagement and also leaves the door open for dates in the future, so practice them from the moment you decide to contact me!

Some may not be aware of some of the do's and don'ts, so this is to ensure that things go smoothly during our date.

Please take care of the donation request at the beginning of our date. You may leave your donation in an envelope on the kitchen counter shortly upon arrival. If meeting in public, please place the donation in a gift bag, book, or any other creative way. No need to discuss it.

Outacall donation : Please place the gift in my handbag upon my arrival and don't mention it.
My bag will be open. I appreciate.

Attempting to negotiate my donation request is offensive, and will result in any possible future encounter to be eliminated.

Our time together starts from the moment we meet. If you wish to extend our time together, please be prepared to do so. 

​If you have any request (example; dress casual, no perfume, etc.) Please send me an e-mail prior to our date. I will do my very best to grant your request(s) within reason.

Excellent hygiene is expected. Take the proper steps to prepare prior to our date. Be freshly showered and well-groomed.
.If you are coming to my place, please feel free to use my shower.

Asking me too many personal question will make me feel uncomfortable. I understand your natural curiosity to know more about me, but my personal life is just that, so please be mindful.